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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Good News For Beetle

Dog Stolen from Owner in La Habra on Christmas Eve Found; Two Arrested Two people were arrested after dog was found in their car. Last Edited: Thursday, 27 Dec 2007, 11:33 PM PST Created: Thursday, 27 Dec 2007, 5:00 PM PST Beetle the chihuahua, stolen from his owner's car on Christmas Eve, was found and returned. Two people were arrested. SideBar Related Items Videos Stories Chihuahua Stolen from SUV in La Habra La Habra -- A Chihuahua that was stolen from his owner on Christmas Eve in La Habra was reunited with his owner on Thursday, while a man and woman were jailed on suspicion of possessing stolen property. Gilbert Chavez, 22, and Shauna Bateman, 19, whose city of residence was not available, were arrested shortly before midnight when officers saw a vehicle parked behind closed businesses and deemed it "suspicious," according to police. The dog, "Beetle," was found in the vehicle. Beetle was stolen on Christmas Eve from a red Chevrolet Blazer owned by Richmond Aulisio, 34, of Mission Viejo. The Blazer was parked outside an Applebee's restaurant in the 1200 block of Imperial Highway while he ate with friends. "It was a Christmas miracle," Aulisio said in a telephone interview. "It really renewed my faith in the Lord. I need to get to church to make peace." Aulisio said he goes everywhere with his dog. "He loves to go in the car," said Aulisio, a recent Cal State Fullerton graduate who will be taking his CPA exam. Deciding what to do with a dog, particularly when they are not allowed in restaurants and stores, is "a difficult issue." "Do we live our lives like prey or do we do what we normally do?" Aulisio said. He may now keep his pet in a portable carrier inside the vehicle, which will shield him from view. Aulisio said he had gotten a tip that a couple who seemed to be living in their car had a tan dog. Aulisio, who got Beetle last Christmas, said he had not returned home since the dog disappeared, but stayed with friends in La Habra while trying to find him. But last night, Aulisio dejectedly headed home. "I just had to get rest," he said. "I felt I was giving up on the search," he said. He was home just two hours when he got the call from police that Beetle had been found. He said the two suspects had removed Beetle's tag, but when asked the dog's name, they told police it was Beetle. He said the dog smelled like an ashtray, but when he was reunited with his owner, the dog re-established a ritual. "He likes me to pick him up, then he stands on my shoulder, walks around my head and licks my face."

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Thank You Santa

Santa thought I was a good dawg this year because I got a new heated bed and a bag of Beggin Stips. They are my favorite treats. And I know I will love the heated bed because I am always cold. You know us little dawgs like the heat. On Christmas day I ate my favorite, filet mignon. It was tender and juicy and delicious, just the way I like it. So it was a very good Christmas. Maybe next year I will get the girl chi!! I saw a man crying on the television last night. It was very sad because someone stole his little chihuahua right out of his truck. How scary! He said he was having breakfast with some friends at Applebee's in LaHabra and left Beetle the Chihuahua in his truck. When he came out of Applebee's the truck window was broken and little Beetle was gone. They showed Beetle's picture...he is white and very good looking. He's almost as handsome as me! Poor Beetle must be so scared. And the poor man misses his dawg. Mister, I hope you find your little Beetle very soon. I will put out the word for my dawg friends to keep an eye and ear open. Good Luck!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Monday, December 17, 2007

Santa Claws Is Coming

Christmas is coming and I would like to tell Santa Paws that I was a good doggy all year and would like him to bring me: 1. A female Chi...this one looks pretty sweet 2. A large juicy steak 3. A heated bed 4. A warm sweater 5. A large steak bone

Friday, December 14, 2007

I Smell So Good.

Went to the dawg groomer today and got cleaned up. I smell so good I can't stand myself. My nails were cut, my ears were cleaned and the girl even cleaned my butt. Damn I'm so good looking and now I smell so good. I can hear the bitches howling my name...Ram...Ram, where are you handsome chi? I love my life. Wait until Sam the Ham smells me. He stinks so bad. He will be jealous.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Did Butchy Bite the Dust?

AWWWW....what a good looking chi. Please help find Butchy. Hopefully he's just lost and not another mean animal's dinner. Dog Detective - Lost dog and found dog database. Lost Dogs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Butchy Chihuahua Small (0 - 20 lbs) Gold/Yellow/Tan Male Last seen in: Murrieta, California More Info: http://dogdetective.com/dog-details.cfm?dogid=980498

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Another Party!!

Here we go again!! This time it is G-Pop's birthday and I got to eat ice cream. And it was yummy. I wish there was a party every day in this dawg house. G-Pop looks pretty happy. On his cake someone wrote "Happy Birthday Young Man" That's probably why he has the big smile.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Whoa Dude, I Feel Sorry For You

Dawg, I feel so bad. How do u look at yourself in the mirror? Even though u won the ugliest dawg contest and all, dawg u r still an ugly dude with a trophy. I bet you don't have any bitches hounding aound, heh? I'd rather be good looking and not so famous. I'm one lucky handsome dawg.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Human Baby Party

The baby human, they call her Jade, had a celebration at my dawg house yesterday. There were many humans here making alot of noise. They were eating and drinking and singing and clapping. I don't know what the big deal is. Did she do something special or is she just a good human? Who cares! G-Pop stuck me upstairs in the bedroom because he told me that he didn't want something to happen to me while all the humans were in the house. (I think it was G-Mom's idea) After almost everyone left I was aloud to come back downstairs and eat dinner. Dana gave me some sweet white stuff...that was gooooooood!! Only one taste though. It is cold today. I have my heavy jacket on so I stay warm. G-Mom put the fireplace on, so you'll know where to find me!!

Friday, November 30, 2007

The Loud Noise

Yesterday G-Mom went out and left me home alone. Soon afterwards there was an excrutiatingly loud sound coming from the house. It hurt my ears so bad I started to howl and cry. It seemed to go on and on and on and then suddenly just stopped. Why would the house cry like that, and why does it have to cry so LOUD? Did the house cry because G-Mom left it too?? I don't cry anymore when G-Mom leaves, but yesterday I did cry because the house's loud crying hurt my ears. I hope it doesn't do this again. Today the sun is not shining so I cannot sunbathe. The sky is crying all over the ground, the trees and grass. The sky is also crying on Sam the Ham because he is too dumb to go in his dawg house. He looks like a drowned rat. What's wrong with everyone??

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I Was Right and I Feel Bad

It's true. Britney Spears is an alien. Here is the latest photo with her alien ears exposed and longer blond wig. You can see she is trying to look more like a human so people will feel sorry for her since her alien babes were taken away. See, I told you she was from another planet!! I have been depressed the past few days, since I subjected myself to eating a dead bird. Poor turkey bird. Damn the humans.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Caught In The Act

I am ashamed of myself. Not only did I eat one of my feathered friends, I really liked it. It was moist and tasty. But how could I do this?? I could pretend I didn't know, but the humans were sitting at the table eating the dead bird and I knew it. I betrayed the animal kingdom and I deserve to be tied and whipped by the biggest turkey I know. Hey, wait a minute... I don't know any turkeys! I'll probably get away with it this time, but my conscious will haunt me.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey in the Dawg House.

Oh My! There's a dead turkey in our house. Its feathers are gone and its head is missing!! I first saw it in the refrigerator, then it was in the sink getting a bath, and then G-Pop put it in the hot oven. I guess this means that the humans in this house will be eating this turkey. I am repulsed. I didn't think that they ate birds. Now I know why everyone around hear keeps saying "Happy Turkey Day" Uh huh, what's a dawg to do, and a good-looking dawg I might say.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Go Away Bad Dream

I had a bad dream last night. I was back in New Jersey and lost in the woods again. In my dream, it is very dark, it is raining and cold and I am wandering around in the woods looking for a place to sleep. I cannot find my warm bed and blanket, like the ones I have at home. I am scared and lonely and I want my family. I am wondering if they have abandonded me. Don't they love me anymore? Where is Dana and G-Mom and G-Pop? Then as I am about to cry, I wake up in a cold sweat. I have not thought abouth this for a long time, so I am wondering why I am dreaming about this horrible time. Do dawgs get post traumatic stress syndrome? Maybe I need the dawgcologist.

Monday, November 19, 2007


PLEASE FORWARD TO EVERYONE THAT YOU KNOW IN THE AREA! Sponsored by: LOST DOG ALERT Lost Chihuahua ALERT Pomona, California Tito Chihuahua Small (0 - 20 lbs) Brown & White Male Last seen in: Pomona, California Cal Poly Pomona University, last spotted near University Drive on the Freshmen Dorms More Info: http://dogdetective.com/dog-details.cfm?dogid=979017

My Second Favorite Place

When the sun is not shining and I have no place to sunbathe, this is my next favorite spot in the whole house, G-Mom and G-Pop's bed. First thing in the morning, I got outside for a pee and a poop. Then I eat breakfast and G-Mom plays with me and DoDo. She throws DoDo and I catch him. We play this for a while and then G-Mom goes into the kitchen and has her coffee. If the sun is out, I find a nice spot to lay and sunbathe, but if the sun is not shining, I sneak upstairs and go back into bed. It's nice and warm in the bed, and you know us chi's love it warm. We do not like the cold. Brrrrrrr. P.S. That's me under the covers!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

All the Poor Turkeys.

I am devestated. I found out that humans eat birds. Little birds and big birds, and they are especially fond of turkey. Oh my poor feathered friends. It must be terrifying knowing that at any time you could be killed and then cooked and then eaten. Oh my!! It's so scary. I wish I could tell all my bird friends in the yard to watch out for the humans looking to eat them. I wonder if humans eat dawgs? I don't think I can sleep tonight.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Newbies in the Hood.

There's some company in the hood. A squeaky bird.. I don't know what its name is but I call it Simon. Simon sounds like a good name for a loud bird. It stands on the water bowl and shouts something that makes the other birds disappear. I wonder if its one of those bully birds? There are also some pretty butterflies hangin around, sucking on the bright red flowers in the yard. G-Mom snapped some pics of them because they don't come around that often. They are sheer beauty floating around in that air. See what I mean!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Awwwww...Where's Chubs?

Not another lost chi? She's so cute, I hope she wasn't dawg-napped. I hope she wasn't eaten by a coyote either. Please help Chubs. PLEASE FORWARD TO EVERYONE THAT YOU KNOW IN THE AREA! Sponsored by: LOST DOG ALERT Lost Chihuahua ALERT rosemead, California chubs Chihuahua Small (0 - 20 lbs) Gold/Yellow/Tan Female Last seen in: rosemead, California Last seen on Hellman Ave. & Charlotte in Rosemead, CA. More Info: http://dogdetective.com/dog-details.cfm?dogid=978743

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Did you hear about Iggy the dawg? The story is that a famous woman named Ellen adopted him from a shelter in Pasadena and then decided that she couldn't keep him, so she gave him to her friend and the shelter found out and took Iggy back. How rude!! Ellen was trying to do a good thing for Iggy. At least Iggy had a good home! They should have minded their own business. This will make people less inclined to adopt dawgs from shelters and that would be pretty bad for all the homeless dawgs out there. Ruf Ruf.

Monday, November 12, 2007


This is one of my favorite spots in the dawg house. The sun shines warmly in the afternoon and I just lay here and snooze. I was not aloud outside today because something was going on out there. The man said "no doggies in the yard today." Sam the Ham is not aloud out either and he must be going crazy in that pen. I am wearing my new shirt today. It has a star on it. It's real kool, for the kool chihuahua, ME.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sam the Ham...Gay?

There's Sam, checking out my package. He doesn't get any boom boom, so he's acting a little strange. How do you know if a dawg is gay? I think Sam the Ham is gay. He follows me around the yard and tries to lick my hiney. How weird is that?? I try and run away, but he sneaks up on me. He has to be gay because no other dawg has tried to lick my hiney. Lots of dawgs smell my hiney, but none of them lick it. He better leave me alone or I am going to bite his tail.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Where Are All The Dawgs Going??

I wonder if Stussy ran away like I did? Please help find Stussy because he may be disoriented and can't find his way home. That's what happened to me and I was lost in the woods for nine days. It was terrible dawgs!! On the ninth day G-Mom and G-Pop rescued me. Do you think maybe someone kidnapped him? We all know how good looking chihuahua's are, so it's no wonder someone would want us! Good luck to Stussy's family and don't give up hope!! PLEASE FORWARD TO EVERYONE THAT YOU KNOW IN THE AREA! Sponsored by: LOST DOG ALERT Lost Chihuahua ALERT chino, California Stussy Chihuahua Small (0 - 20 lbs) Brown/Chocolate Male Last seen in: chino, California in between riverside drive and chino avenue on benson......near c street, d street and chino highschool More Info: http://dogdetective.com/dog-details.cfm?dogid=977374

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Stray In The Hood.

You won't believe what happened!! Today G-Pop, G-Mom and the Ram Man were going for a nice casual walk down the street so I could do my business on the neighbors grass when all of a sudden a straggly white dawg came charging right for me. G-Pop picked me up by my harness and I went flying like a puppet on a string. G-Mom caught me and the G threw a rock at the stray dawg. I showed her my big white teeth and the G yelled at her and she went running down the street. I tried to follow her, but she ran too fast to catch her. I was ready to chomp down on her hind leg. What the hell is she doing here anyway, invading my turf. She better never come back.

Friday, November 2, 2007

The Rooster is Cooked, So is the Frog.

All that trick or treat stuff made the rooster really tired. I'm pooped today. Not doing much. G-Mom told me that one of the frogs died. She found him under the planter stiff as a board. I think it was because it was so dry out during the fires. All of the plants dried up in the planters and that's where he lived. I'm not sure if it was Freddie or Frankie. They looked alike so its hard to tell. AWWW... poor froggie.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick or Treat?

Well, here I am dressed in that stupid rooster costume. I tried to hide, but G-pop got it on me against my will. Don't I look hideous? Who ever saw a dawg dressed up as a rooster? Why wasn't I something kool, like a fire hydrant or a dawg bone? We walked around the neighborhood with the little Princess who was dressed up like a pony. She got lots of candy and I got NOTHING! Not one dawg treat. And G-Mom even made that annoying rooster sound...cock-a-doodle-do, cock-a-doodle-do!!!! What's wrong with this world?? I would have yelled it myself it I could have!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Robber, Stealer, Thief....that's Me!

Yes, I am a thief. I stole Sam the Ham's big bone from inside his pen, when he wasn't looking of course!! He caught me though, as you can see from this picture. He looks like he wants it back or he wants to bite me. The door is closed so he can't come throught the glass and get me. I hope he doesn't tell anyone because I don't want to go to the dog pound. I wonder what the sentence is for stealing an old dawg's bone? Tomorrow is Halloween and I am still wondering if G-Mom is going to put that stupid rooster costume on me? I think I will hide under the bed. It's our secret so don't tell.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Boo-Day Party

I was home alone last night, again. I sat and listened to the radio all night. BORING!!! It's not even the Hound Dawg station, so I fell asleep on the ottoman waiting for them to come home. G-Mom and G-Pop dressed up like scary pirates and went to a Boo-Day party. I don't know what a Boo-Day party is but they were gone for a long time. Next time they go out I am going to invite some dawgs over and have a little Boo-Day party myself. I will invite Goliath, Zeus, Mr. Red, Nala and even Sara the barking maniac. Wouldn't that be kool?? I guess I will even let Sam the Ham in the house. I can't wait!! Here are some pictures....look how scary G-Pop looks.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Pink Day

California is on fire and I'm scared. There is ash floating in the air and the smell of smoke is very strong. I don't see a fire, but you can tell one is close by. I am staying in my bed today I am so scared. I think Sam the Ham is scared too because he stayed in his dawg house all day. This is a picture of the sky yesterday. It was very eerie, a mixture of gray smoke and orange sun made the sky look a tinge pink. I thought it was the end of the world. Help. I don't want to burn alive!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Goodbye Flat Stanley

This is a picture of me saying goodbye to Stanley. Flat Stan the Man is leaving tomorrow. He is going back to his home in Marietta, Georgia. It was fun having him here, even if he is a quiet little guy. I will miss hanging with the Stan Man. Hey Stan, say hello to my cousins, Max, Natalie, Kenny and Nicky and tell them I love them, okay. And tell my Auntie Berenda to fatten you up, your kinda skinny. It was so windy here today I thought you were going to blow all the way back to Georgia. He he. Bye Bye Flat Stan.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Trip to the Vet with Flat Stan the Man

I had to go to the Vet again, this time for a couple of shots in my rear end. It hurt, but I didn't say anything because Flat Stanley was with me and I wanted him to think I was cool. Dana was there and G-Mom took a picture of me and Dana and Flat Stan the Man. There were some cats in the waiting room and they were chatting up a storm. Meow, meow, meow, meow...they were driving me crazy!! I wish someone would give then a shot right in the mouth. I am a clean and healthy dawg and ready for some sexy time with a beautiful chihuahua babe. Ruff, ruff, ruff, howl!

Friday, October 19, 2007

A Visit With Flat Stanley

Meet my new friend. His name is Flat Stanley and he is visiting me from Georgia for a few days. He's good looking, but he doesn't bark. I think he might be deaf. He might know sign language because he keeps waving his hand at me. I think he likes me because he is always smiling. He likes to scratch my belly and take a nap with me. I like Flat Stanley...he's cool.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

One Hot Chihuahua

Dana took me to the doggy dentist again. He used that silver thing that scrapes all the junk off your teeth. Now my teeth are shiny and clean and I don't have doggy breath anymore. Wanna smell...hu..hu..hu.. I am now ready to kiss a beautiful female doggy all over the face..ruf..ruf..howl!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Peanut Needs Your Help and I Have Flatulence

LOST DOG ALERT Lost Chihuahua ALERT Los Angeles, California Peanut Chihuahua Small (0 - 20 lbs) Gold/Yellow/Tan Male Last seen in: Los Angeles, California Hollywood center stores near Western & Hollywood Blvd area . More Info: http://dogdetective.com/dog-details.cfm?dogid=976506 G-Mom bought me a turkey leg and it gave me the farts. Dana said it smells like rotten eggs. Well, it was sure good going down so I down care that I have gas. Sam the Ham ate some too.. I wonder if it made him fart? We have dog flatulence...ha ha.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


I think G-Mom has gone crazy....she's lost her mind. She bought this Halloween costume for me and she thinks I am going to put it on and be paraded around the neighborhood like some ugly rooster. First of all, I don't like candy and second of all, I don't do Halloween. What is she thinking?? Dawgs don't do Halloween, especially us kool dawgs. I will absolutely NOT put this ugly rooster costume on...never, never, never. Did she buy a stupid Halloween costume for Sam the Ham? Of course not! Just me, the handsome little dawg. NOT FAIR. I will run away again before I wear that hideous rooster suit!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Hairy Alien loses her Babes

The Alien is in the news again and this time its very bad. After being captured and put in jail (rehab) she escaped and was seen in a human's vehicle driving around LA with two hairy alien babies. I wonder if they are her alien babes? Then you see her trying so desperately to look like a human its not funny. She is growing hair on her very round alien head and it looks ridiculous. Plus, she can't decide which color her hair is, one day its brown, one day its blond. What a joke! Now to top things off, she is losing her hairy alien babes to some ape that escaped from "the Planet of the Apes" and is seen in LA too!! Now I understand why her alien babes are so hairy, an ape is their father. Oh what a crazy world we live in. I am glad I am a good looking chihuahua dawg!! WUFF WUFF

Sunday, September 30, 2007


Today was an interesting day . . . I think my G-Mom drugged me!! I went outside like usual, sniffed around and did my business. Afterwards I went inside and my nose was runny and every time I inhaled my nose whistled! Stupid Mom thought that was funny. Anyways, I heard G-mom talking to my mom and they were saying something about giving me some medicine called Ben-A-Drill or something like that. Well next thing I know G-mom comes up behind me with some straw looking thing and shoots this pink liquid in my mouth!!! WITHOUT ASKING! Could you imagine and to mention it did NOT taste like chicken or beef. Next thing I know everything got all blurry and then plop! All I remember was walking and then waking up later. What did Nona shoot in my mouth?? Now I can't stop yawning and I feel like I just want to lay around all day ( Not that I don't do that every day) But today I was extra lazy!! Thanks G-mom and Mom . . . you sneaky women!! I am sticking with G-pop now..

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ram the Man is Back!

After a three week hiatus from my blog, I am back!! G-Mom and G-Pop are back from Europe and I am out of the slammer. I was two weeks in the slammer and didn't like it at all. The people there were nice but some of the other dawgs won't shut the heck up. Anyway, Dana came and got me four days early because I was not eating. G-Mom feeds me in the morning and she was not there, so.....but I am very happy to be home now. Sam the Ham didn't have to go in the slammer, I wonder why I did? And he's not even a good dog, go figure. He deserves more than a cage that's for sure. These are pictures taken in Europe of some cool looking Italian dawgs. There is only one chihuahua and his name in Belou. G-Mom met him in Florence and took a picture with him. He's good looking like me, right?
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