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Sunday, October 14, 2007


I think G-Mom has gone crazy....she's lost her mind. She bought this Halloween costume for me and she thinks I am going to put it on and be paraded around the neighborhood like some ugly rooster. First of all, I don't like candy and second of all, I don't do Halloween. What is she thinking?? Dawgs don't do Halloween, especially us kool dawgs. I will absolutely NOT put this ugly rooster costume on...never, never, never. Did she buy a stupid Halloween costume for Sam the Ham? Of course not! Just me, the handsome little dawg. NOT FAIR. I will run away again before I wear that hideous rooster suit!!


Anonymous said...

Now Rambi, I think the rooster costume is adorable just like you. We all have fun on Halloween. We have a parade to the clubhouse, have a sack dinner (good ole home cooked Georgia fried chicken) really mixes with the Halloween candy poor kids wake up with diarrhea the next morning. Then we trick or treat. If you were here we would put you in the front of the parade with rooty rooster costume you would be the man ooooops dawg!!!!! We would love for you to visit. We have many dawgs in our neighborhood including lots of females. Oh well gotta go pick up Minny, Moe and Jack from school. Give G-mom a little break and put on rooty for Halloween. She only does it because she loves you. Auntie Berenda from the south. Dont forget pictures when Halloween day arrives.

Rambo said...

I am sure that G-Mom will take pictures of me in that dumb costume (if she can get it on me) and then post them on this blog for everyone to see. How embarassing!!

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