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Thursday, August 30, 2007

What's Goin On???

There are so many lost chihuahuas!!This is very close to my home. What's up people?? Please so a better job taking care of your little doggies!!!! PLEASE FORWARD TO EVERYONE THAT YOU KNOW IN THE AREA! Sponsored by: LOST DOG ALERT Lost Chihuahua ALERT Chino, California Foxy Chihuahua Small (0 - 20 lbs) Red Female Last seen in: Chino, California On G. St. and central across from Canyon Ridge Hospital. Was taken out of my friends backyard. More Info: http://dogdetective.com/dogs/973228.html

Monday, August 27, 2007

Another One Bites the Dust

PLEASE FORWARD TO EVERYONE THAT YOU KNOW IN THE AREA! Sponsored by: LOST DOG ALERT Lost Chihuahua ALERT Ontario, California Timon Chihuahua Small (0 - 20 lbs) Brown & White Male Last seen in: Ontario, California I live in Ontario California. The major cross streets are 4th st and Baker, near the Bethleham church More Info: http://dogdetective.com/dogs/972749.html

What A Good Dawg I Am. I Am?

See how well behaved I am? I don't need the Dog Whisperer to come over to my house and tell me how to act!! Yesterday when Dana brushed my teeth, I was a good dawg. That stuff tastes pretty good after all....its poultry flavor. YUM! YUM! But I got yelled at anyway because baby Jade was trying to touch me and I showed her whos the boss. I showed her my big white teeth. Yes, I did it again, but I was afraid she was going to poke me in the eye or grab my hair. I do like her...really.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Frankie has a Brother. Meet Freddy!!

Guess what I found? Frankie has a brother, Freddy. He was in the pool skimmer, trying to hop out. G-Mom had to help him get out, the he hopped over to his hiding spot in the grass. Freddy is fatter than Frankie and a little slower. You have to look real good to see him because he blends right in with the dirt. He's kinda cool looking, huh??

Friday, August 17, 2007

Frankie's Back!!

Frankie the brown frog is back, hiding in the soil in G-Mom's Zinnia. You can hardly see him because he blends right in with the soil. He's a pretty smart frog if he knows how to do that. Last time I found him in the marigolds, and he was hiding in the soil too! Maybe he can teach me how to camouflage myself, so I can hide from the coyotes and the hawks and the big bobcat that comes around looking for something to eat. Anyway, I think Frankie the frog is partial to flowers, so maybe he's a gay frog. He would be the second gay friend I have, after Sam the Ham of course. Here are some pictures of me and Frankie.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Another Lost Chihuahua!!

PLEASE FORWARD TO EVERYONE THAT YOU KNOW IN THE AREA! Sponsored by: LOST DOG ALERT Lost Chihuahua ALERT lake elsinore, California chachy Chihuahua Small (0 - 20 lbs) Black & Brown Female Last seen in: lake elsinore, California 705 quail dr More Info: http://dogdetective.com/dogs/972349.html

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Helping Roo.

PLEASE FORWARD TO EVERYONE THAT YOU KNOW IN THE AREA! LOST DOG ALERT Lost Chihuahua ALERT Buena Park, California Roo Chihuahua Small (0 - 20 lbs) Gold/Yellow/Tan Female Last seen in: Buena Park, California buena park california by knotts berry farm close to western ave./william peak park More Info: http://dogdetective.com/dogs/972222.html

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Una cerveza fría buena.

Hola. Esto me es bebiendo una cerveza fría. Adoro cerveza fría. Especialmente cerveza de Corona. ¿A fin de cuentas yo soy un perro mexicano, eh?? ¿Una cerveza fría es muy buena cuando hace calor afuera, eh? Trataré no también la bebida demasiado y llegaré a ser un chihuahua pequeño bebido. ¡Pero seré un looing bueno chihuahua bebido!! Asta luega!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Morning Glory...enjoying the warm sun.

While sunbathing this morning, I found this unusual flower. It's the first time I have seen it. It's very peculiar looking, but smells really good.
I like to sunbath in the planter under the birdfeeders because it is sunny and warm. Plus I chase all those noisy birds away.
Enjoy the beautiful day!!
Ram the Ham I am.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Rambo aka Rammy Houdini

This is my new nickname....Houdini. Everything they put me in, I can get out of. I have special chihuahua powers and its a secret, okay, so don't tell on me. They put me in a harness and I got out of it. They put me in a car seat harness and I got out. They put me in clothes that I can get out of. They put me with a stranger and guess what....I got out of there too. I am one special chihuahua. I hope they don't try putting all these chains on me. It looks scary, but I bet I can get out of them too. I could probably get out of handcuff and straitjackets too. I am one koooooool dawg.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Nutty and Frankie

Nutty has been hanging around again, and he's sittting on top of the block wall again waiting for sunflower seeds to fall on the ground. He's a sneaky little thing, and runs up and down the block wall collecting food when he thinks no one is looking. But I see u Nutty....so fatten up cause one of these days I'm gonna have you for lunch.
I found a new critter in the planter and his name is Frankie. He is a frog and I found him sneaking around under the new flowers in the planter. I don't know what is wrong with these guys? Why are they so sneaky? Maybe they are afraid of me, hehehehehehehehehe.
You won't believe what happened!! Last night G-Mom and G-Pop and I were in Pasadena and I spotted a big dawg on the sidewalk and I bolted right after him. I got out of my harness and was running FREE. No leash, no harness, nothing. It was so cool to be running FREE. G-Mom started to chase me and I got scared, so I stopped and just sat there. Then I ran back to her and she picked me up. She was happy so I guess I did the right thing, but let me tell you I was tempted to just keep on running. I think all humans should know what it feels like to have a collar and a leash and then they would understand why it felt so good to be FREE!!!
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