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Sunday, September 30, 2007


Today was an interesting day . . . I think my G-Mom drugged me!! I went outside like usual, sniffed around and did my business. Afterwards I went inside and my nose was runny and every time I inhaled my nose whistled! Stupid Mom thought that was funny. Anyways, I heard G-mom talking to my mom and they were saying something about giving me some medicine called Ben-A-Drill or something like that. Well next thing I know G-mom comes up behind me with some straw looking thing and shoots this pink liquid in my mouth!!! WITHOUT ASKING! Could you imagine and to mention it did NOT taste like chicken or beef. Next thing I know everything got all blurry and then plop! All I remember was walking and then waking up later. What did Nona shoot in my mouth?? Now I can't stop yawning and I feel like I just want to lay around all day ( Not that I don't do that every day) But today I was extra lazy!! Thanks G-mom and Mom . . . you sneaky women!! I am sticking with G-pop now..

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