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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Thank You Santa

Santa thought I was a good dawg this year because I got a new heated bed and a bag of Beggin Stips. They are my favorite treats. And I know I will love the heated bed because I am always cold. You know us little dawgs like the heat. On Christmas day I ate my favorite, filet mignon. It was tender and juicy and delicious, just the way I like it. So it was a very good Christmas. Maybe next year I will get the girl chi!! I saw a man crying on the television last night. It was very sad because someone stole his little chihuahua right out of his truck. How scary! He said he was having breakfast with some friends at Applebee's in LaHabra and left Beetle the Chihuahua in his truck. When he came out of Applebee's the truck window was broken and little Beetle was gone. They showed Beetle's picture...he is white and very good looking. He's almost as handsome as me! Poor Beetle must be so scared. And the poor man misses his dawg. Mister, I hope you find your little Beetle very soon. I will put out the word for my dawg friends to keep an eye and ear open. Good Luck!!

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