Rambo's Chihuahua Blog

Monday, July 30, 2007

Poor Sam the Ham

Poor Sam the Ham......he got bit by something and it got him right on the face. Ewwww....dawg, did it hurt?? Was is a bee dawg? Your face is all swollen and stuff. G-Mom will give you some of that nasty tasting stuff to make the swelling go down, so dawg...don't worry. You will be okay. By the way....we were looking at your teeth dawg and they are pretty nasty. They look like the chompers of a dawg on drugs. What the hell have you been doing dude? Chewing on rocks? One of your teeth is actually gone dawg. Did u eat it, you crazy Sam the Ham?

Thursday, July 26, 2007


This is my Mom drinking a strawberry margarita on her 21st birthday. It was my Mom's birthday the other day and the whole family went to San Diego. They didn't take me and The Ham. I guess they don't think we are important enough. Oh well, Happy 21st birthday Mom. I love you!
P.S. When I turn 21 can I have one of those?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pets Hotel

This is a picture of the cage they put me in over the weekend. Obviously this is not me, some other chump, but this cage was alot nicer. I went to the Pets Hotel and I had my own suite, #108. I had a raised cot with a sheepskin bed and even had a television. Dawg, it was even soundproof, so I couldn't hear all the other dawgs raising hell. Guess what? I played with the other dawgs and it wasn't so bad. There was a hottie in there and I sniffed her up and down, but I didn't catch her name. I really wasn't interested in her name, just her lovely scent. She was pure white and just beautiful. Maybe I'll get closer to her next time I go to the Pets Hotel. Yipppeee.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Ruf ruf ruf ruf ruf ruf ruf ruf ruf ruf ruf ruf ruf, etc.

Look what my mom brought to MY house!! Can u believe it? His name is Duke and he came over to MY house yesterday. He is a good looking dawg, but bow wow....this is MY crib, dawg! You came over here dude and acted like you own the place...laying all over everything.......sleeping on my rug and peeing and pooping on my turf and touching MY stuff. Dawg, you even ate and drank out of MY bowls. I know u are a pit bull, but dawg u have big balls for a puppy. How rude!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sam the Ham in the Slam

Sam's in the slammer! He has been a very bad dog, so that's what he gets. He made a hole in the screen door because he tried to get into the house. He is afraid of loud noises. (big sissy got scared after he heard some fireworks) Then, he knocked down G-Mom's basil plant and ate some tomatoes out of her garden. I think he did it just to be spiteful. He made a gigantic mess and she was real mad. Sam is nothing but a sissy dog and a big trouble maker. I'd hate to see what he would do if the Bobcat came around. He would probably run and hide in his house. What a fairy!!
Sam the Ham, BAM BAM. hehehehehehehheheh

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Seep Seep.

It's so hot outside, all I want to do is seep seep. I'm even good looking when I'm seeping.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Can't Help Myself!

Look at me. I am so damn good looking. I know, I have a big ego, but I just can't help myself.
You would too if you were so damn good looking yourself. I had spaghetti for dinner tonight. It was so good!! It was better than that crap in a can. It was better than the crunchy kibble thingies. Have any of you dawgs out there had spaghetti? I don't think it comes in a can.......anyone know where to get spaghetti so I can hook my dawg friends up???
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