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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Have A Secret!

Pssst! iT'S mE rAMbo. i KNow A sECret. g_mOM TurNeD FIFdEe YEarS olD yESterDAy. sHE ToLd Me noT tO tEL;L ANyonE. ;HE HE Heeeee. shE Is in laS VEGas HAviNG A PArty. SHe WiLL bE HomE TOnighT. dOIN'T TEll HER i TOLd yuoU. iT'S Our SEcreT. i'M TYreD. bYE*

Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Howlidays

After all the trouble me and the Midget went through to wear those silly reindeer and elf hats and pose for that stupid Christmas picture, G-Mom didn't order enough cards for all of my friends. So, yesterday I tried to send e-cards to everyone who didn't receive a regular card, but some of you doggies and kitties rejected me. So, here is our Christmas card for anyone who didn't recieve it and might want it. It's quite silly and is beneath my tuff dog image, but you can have it anyway. Just don't tell anyone you saw me in this position. Midget loves it, figures.



Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wet Wednesday

Didn't someone say it never rains in California? Bologna!! It's been cold and raining for the past few days. It is so cold, me and the Midget just snuggle in the blankets. All day! G-Mom even gave us an old heating pad to lay on. We love it. Last week we got some wonderful awards. G-Mom has been so lazy she's just getting around to telling everyone
  1. The Spirit award.

2. The friendship award.

3. and the "Lemonade Award". This award is passed to bloggers for showing great Attitude and/or Gratitude. These are all from my little buddy Coco the chihuahua. Thanks Coco. You lift my spirit too!

Pee Ess.

G-Mom forgot all the rules that go along with these awards. She says she is perimenopausal, (what ever that means) but she says that is a good excuse.

Pee Ess.

please help yourself to any award.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Midget's In A Contest

Hi everyone. Happy Sunday. It's been kinda boring around my dog house. G-Mom has been running around like a chicken without a head. She has been shopping and baking and decorating and blah, blah, blah, blah. blah. I am getting dizzy watching her run in and out of the house. In the midst of her spinning circles, she has neglected my blog. (Geez I wish I could type.) So, I am apologizing for her lack of attending to my needs.

My sister Midget Molly wanted me to tell you that she is in a photo contest. She thinks she looks so cute in her elf hat that she made G-Mom submit her photo to Photowow. She wants me to tell you to please vote for her so she can win a prize...so please go and vote for my sister Midget Molly the show-off. love, Rambo pee ess....all the doggies photos are on the right side where is says "Best Pet Photo Contest" and you have to scroll through and vote for other doggies before you see Midget's picture. Rambo's G-Mom here. I think Rambo's the little show off here. Guess who's sitting in the photo right next to Midget? Got a little chihuahua ego Rambo?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

TAG Tuesday

Can you guess where I am? Or I am? Here's a hint. Another hint. One more. Did you guess?
Now time for a game.
I was tagged by my friend Happy to do this. I am to comment about the last ten persons who leave a note on my blog. If you’re mentioned below, consider yourself tagged. As Happy said, this is a busy season, so if you're not free to work on it, consider yourself excused ;-) I'll make this short and sweet.Yee hee.
Lorenza- a very adorable dachshund doggie who lives in Mexico and whose love for life is contagious!
Jackson & Patrick- two cool chihuahua brothers with hearts bigger than the moon.
Ruby - a genuine diamond, this mini dachshund is sweeter than candy.
Amber- a performer at heart, this golden loves attention, but especially humans!
Gizmo- one happy and very lucky pup, this dog has attitude. he he
Bae Bae- a little white happy-go-lucky furball full of spunk and love.
JB-my feisty little kitty kat friend with the dreamy big blue eyes whom I adore.
Clover-a very happy little pugster who enjoys the simple life. She's a true girl...she loves to shop.
Mango- The maltese kiddo who loves to love. He's a true friend and been bitten by the love bug.
and last but not least....
my cousin Pedro-the best looking chihuahua on earth and one of the nicest dogs you will ever meet. He is my best bud.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

So Sad.

G-Mom is sad today. I asked her why she is so sad and she said "Sweet Rambo, you wouldn't understand. It's a "human" thing." Hmmm. I don't know why she thinks I wouldn't understand this "human" thing, after all, I myself have been sad. Yes, tuff Rambo the chihuahua has on occasion been sad. The first time I was sad was when I got my new-turd. It hurt like the ravages of hell and I cried all night. (like a human baby) I was sad. Then once, a squirrel attacked me and chewed a hole in my lip. That hurt somewhat like hell, my pride was damaged and I was sad. When Midget went to get her innards removed, I was all alone all day and very, very sad. (not really, but I'm just trying to seem sympathetic) When I am sent away to the slammer, AKA PetsHotel, I am extremely angry that I have to stay in a little cage, against my will, bored out of my skull with lots of females doggies that won't kiss me because I have fear aggression, that makes me SO SAD. So you see G-Mom, I would understand your "human" thing. What is it you say? G-Mom said she is sad because she has not seen her human grandbaby Jade in almost seven weeks. December 2nd was her second birthday. This is her picture the last time we saw her in October. (she's got her hands on my Gus again) To make a long sad story short, Jade's mama will not let our family see her, including baby Jade's daddy, my Uncle Stevie. Jade's mama and daddy split up and Jade's mama is very bitter. She is holding Jade ransom until Uncle Stevie pays more child support. We don't get to see Jade because of MONEY??? I'd say that's one silly human. G-Mom says Jade's mama is a heartless, selfish and spiteful human (and a few other #$%&* words). How dare she keep Jade from us, and especially her Daddy. Shame on you Jade's mama. Jade, wherever you are... WE ALL LOVE YOU! HAPPY SECOND BIRTHDAY SWEET GIRL!! Humans! Maybe I don't understand some of them, but I do understand my G-Mom. So Sad. Rambo's G-Mom here. Sorry about Rambo's rantings, but he can see that this situation makes me extremely unhappy. I asked him not to post my problems on his blog, but he said he had to because when G-Mom's not happy, we're all not happy. He's a sweet little dog......isn't he? I love you Rambo.....you too Midget...and don't worry, Jade will be back soon.
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