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Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Class: The Good and the Bad

Mr. Bill said that I am unsociable. I am not unsociable. I am just afraid of the big dogs in my class. He said "Oh Rambo". Mr. Bill, can't you see me playing with the litte dogs Clover and Kody!! If anyone is unsociable it's Ginger. She just sits pretty and doesn't play with anyone.
Last night the big dogs were going crazy! Buddy kept trying to hump the pit bull and then Kye tried to hump Buddy. What a bunch of horny dogs. Murphy just sits there like he's on drugs. Kye doesn't shut up and Mr. Bill yells "wrong, Kye, wrong" but Kye doesn't listen.
Kody gave me a kiss, but that doesn't count because he's a boy. I like Clover because she is my best friend in class. She never kissed me. She is leaving for Enland in two weeks. Go ahead Clover, go live with the blimey english!! Heidi-ho.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Frisbeeees and Cool Birds.....tweet tweet.

I got a new toy today. G-mom calls it a frisbee. She keeps taking it away from me and throwing it, like she throws my other toys. I took it and ran under the table!! ruf...ruf....
There was a new bird in the back yard today. It's a cool bird, bright yellow....haven't seen one of these around before. All the other birds are not that cool. Tweet tweet yellow birdy.
Sam the Ham was a bad dog today. He tried to get into G-mom's garden and wrecked the fence. G-Mom smacked him on the hiney and put him in the dog run. You're dumb, Sam the Ham!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

STOP Making Me Smell Pretty!

Today was bath day. My G-Mom is obsessed with making me smell good, but I don't like getting a bath. I like smelling like a dog! I wish she would leave me alone and let me smell like a good old fashioned stinky dog. Like Sam. When she dries me off she says "Oh you smell so pretty!" What the heck. She wishes I was a girl dog....bow wow. I say ruf... ruf... leave me alone!My friend Clover will think my name is Cinderella or Snow White or some prissy girl name like that. I think I will go outside and see if Sam can tell its me....one tough chihuahua. Pictures of me wiping the wet stuff on the rug, ha ha G-Mom!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

New Doo for Sam the Ham

Sam the Ham I Am got a new doo. Yesterday, the dawg went to Petsmart and came back looking like a totally new dawg. He's all cleaned up and smells like a human. He looks like he has a mullet.....ruf..ruf. I wonder if they did that on purpose?? I think I would like a mullet, but my head is too little. I did not recognize "the Ham" when he came home. The hair stood up the back of my neck cause I thought a new dawg was invading my territory...ruf...ruf....ruf. I bit him on the ear, he didn't do anything back. Sam the Ham, whaz up???

Thursday, April 12, 2007

My New Class.....ruf..ruf.

Here are pictures of some of my classmates and Mr. Bill, our instructor. The first picture is Mr. Bill, posing for a picture. He thinks he's cool because he is the leader of the pack. There's me and Clover playing around. She's a cool dog and my friend. I snapped at her tonight but I really didn't mean it. Kinx, the Pit Bull, is a nice dog but I don't like her because she's bigger than me. The white fluffy dog is a stranger. I don't know it's name because it's not very friendly. It has not even tried to come over and play with me or Clover. It's kinda rude. Oh well. The little shitzu, Ginger, is very hot, but she doesn't pay attention to me either. Maybe she's shy because she' so small. I think I would like to play with her, if she would just give me a chance. The big dog is named Murphy and I don't like him either. He's too big for me. Everytime he comes around I try and bite him. He better stay away from me if he knows what's good for him. I did not take a poop in the store. I was a good dog.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

It's A Bird Wonderland....chirp, chirp.

The yard is full of birds. G-Mom put some food out for them and now the yard is full of birds. These little ones are my favorites because I like little things like me. I wonder if birds have a fear aggression problem too.
Only a glimpse
at shimmering speed.
a presence so grand
stunning indeed.
a sign of great love . . . the hummingbird.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Nutty's Back!!

Nutty's here again, poking around the backyard eating the birdfood. He likes the black sunflower seeds. G-Mom doesn't like him because he digs holes in the planters. Sometimes she opens the windows and yells at him. She put wire so he couldn't dig holes and he goes underneath the wire!! lol. When I go outside, I sneak up on him and chase him away. I wish I could catch him, but he's too fast for me.
I'm a fur, fur, furry, squirrel,With a bush, bush, bushy tail,And I scamper here and there,Scamper everywhere,Searching for some NUTS!I've got nuts on my nose, nuts on my toes, Nuts on my head, nuts in my bed,Nuts in my paws, nuts in my jaws,Pop, crack!Yum, yum!
Nutty the Squirrel.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Bad One at Obedience Lessons

I went back to obedience lessons today. It's a new class with a bunch of dogs I never met before. I am not good with other dogs, especially big dogs, so I was not very nice today. I growled at every dog except for Clover because I know her from the last class. I tried to bite one dog, he was a black dog....I forget his name. I growled at Drake the Mastiff and I growled at Kody the poodle. I growled at Rocco..a white fluffy dog. I growled at all of them, even Ginger, a dog smaller than me. I don't pay attention either..I think I have ADD. Can dogs have ADD? Maybe it's DADD, lol!! P.S. I pooped in Petsmart!! PLOP.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Another One on the Loose!

There seems to be another alien on the loose. This one is uglier than the last one and has markings on its neck. It may be the markings of its Queen Alien and sign of ownership of its alien tribe. This one seems to be a little more people friendly than the last one since it is with a human lady that looks like a manequin. Let's hope this one is not as mean as the last one, it was whacked out and captured. I hope it went back to whatever planet it came from.
Do aliens talk like humans? Maybe one day I will find out if I ever meet one. If I do I hope it is nice. Sam acts like an alien sometimes. The other day he freaked out because it thundered and he ripped down the screen door and some plants and made a big mess. Sam the Ham I Am better knock it off before G-Mom sends him to the moon, for good!
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