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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Good News For Beetle

Dog Stolen from Owner in La Habra on Christmas Eve Found; Two Arrested Two people were arrested after dog was found in their car. Last Edited: Thursday, 27 Dec 2007, 11:33 PM PST Created: Thursday, 27 Dec 2007, 5:00 PM PST Beetle the chihuahua, stolen from his owner's car on Christmas Eve, was found and returned. Two people were arrested. SideBar Related Items Videos Stories Chihuahua Stolen from SUV in La Habra La Habra -- A Chihuahua that was stolen from his owner on Christmas Eve in La Habra was reunited with his owner on Thursday, while a man and woman were jailed on suspicion of possessing stolen property. Gilbert Chavez, 22, and Shauna Bateman, 19, whose city of residence was not available, were arrested shortly before midnight when officers saw a vehicle parked behind closed businesses and deemed it "suspicious," according to police. The dog, "Beetle," was found in the vehicle. Beetle was stolen on Christmas Eve from a red Chevrolet Blazer owned by Richmond Aulisio, 34, of Mission Viejo. The Blazer was parked outside an Applebee's restaurant in the 1200 block of Imperial Highway while he ate with friends. "It was a Christmas miracle," Aulisio said in a telephone interview. "It really renewed my faith in the Lord. I need to get to church to make peace." Aulisio said he goes everywhere with his dog. "He loves to go in the car," said Aulisio, a recent Cal State Fullerton graduate who will be taking his CPA exam. Deciding what to do with a dog, particularly when they are not allowed in restaurants and stores, is "a difficult issue." "Do we live our lives like prey or do we do what we normally do?" Aulisio said. He may now keep his pet in a portable carrier inside the vehicle, which will shield him from view. Aulisio said he had gotten a tip that a couple who seemed to be living in their car had a tan dog. Aulisio, who got Beetle last Christmas, said he had not returned home since the dog disappeared, but stayed with friends in La Habra while trying to find him. But last night, Aulisio dejectedly headed home. "I just had to get rest," he said. "I felt I was giving up on the search," he said. He was home just two hours when he got the call from police that Beetle had been found. He said the two suspects had removed Beetle's tag, but when asked the dog's name, they told police it was Beetle. He said the dog smelled like an ashtray, but when he was reunited with his owner, the dog re-established a ritual. "He likes me to pick him up, then he stands on my shoulder, walks around my head and licks my face."

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