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Friday, October 22, 2010


I just found out that my dear friend Snowball crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Wedneday, Oct 20. I read it on her Snowball Facebook page. R.I.P. my sweet friend Snowball. You will be missed. oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoooooooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooooooooooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooooooxoxoox

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Post Surgery

I survived the surgery. Just between you and me, I was a little scared. I heard the doggy doc tell G-Mom that sometimes there are complications during surgery and some dogs don't make it. I thought to myself "DON'T MAKE IT????? You mean I could DIE??? THEN WHY THE HECK ARE YOU MAKING ME DO THIS??? I CAN LIVE WITH A STONE".
Well....they took me against my will.....forced me to take a nap and cut me open to have my guts laid out on the cold steel table for anyone to see. The nerve. All this for a stone???? Some humans are nuts.
....I am still here.
Here are some photos of the before and after. This is before. G-Mom wanted some pictures of me just in case I kicked the bucket. G-Mom said "smile Rambo". I am not looking at that camera. NOT! She tried again. I closed my eyes. HA! I am not smiling for that camera. I am not happy. Enough already. I am NOT looking. Look at what they did to me. And right near my privates!!! It hurts.......just sayin. I'm not a baby...really.....just sayin. I'm stuck here on the floor because I can't move very much. It hurts when I move. I need help getting up. Anyone hear me. I said I need help getting up!! Hmmmmmm.......is that chicken I smell??? G-Mom gave me some tasty drops now......so I do alot of this. I feel much better. Rambo's G-Mom here. Rambo is doing very well considering. They did have to move some stuff out of the way to get to his bladder, cut it open and remove the stone. He is such a trooper. He didn't cry once!! oxoxoxo Rambo
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