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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Pink Day

California is on fire and I'm scared. There is ash floating in the air and the smell of smoke is very strong. I don't see a fire, but you can tell one is close by. I am staying in my bed today I am so scared. I think Sam the Ham is scared too because he stayed in his dawg house all day. This is a picture of the sky yesterday. It was very eerie, a mixture of gray smoke and orange sun made the sky look a tinge pink. I thought it was the end of the world. Help. I don't want to burn alive!!


coco said...

Hi Rambo,I just stopped by to wish you the very best I do hope you and all of our friends are safe.I myself do not like fire and I can imagine the fear you are all going through. You are in my thoughts my friend.Coco

Rambo said...

Thank you Coco. Me and my friends are all safe and things are finally starting to get a little better here in California. It was very scary!! Your friend Rambo.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rambo and Aunt Doreen!

WE LOVE U!!!!!!!


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