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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Hairy Alien loses her Babes

The Alien is in the news again and this time its very bad. After being captured and put in jail (rehab) she escaped and was seen in a human's vehicle driving around LA with two hairy alien babies. I wonder if they are her alien babes? Then you see her trying so desperately to look like a human its not funny. She is growing hair on her very round alien head and it looks ridiculous. Plus, she can't decide which color her hair is, one day its brown, one day its blond. What a joke! Now to top things off, she is losing her hairy alien babes to some ape that escaped from "the Planet of the Apes" and is seen in LA too!! Now I understand why her alien babes are so hairy, an ape is their father. Oh what a crazy world we live in. I am glad I am a good looking chihuahua dawg!! WUFF WUFF


Auntie Berenda said...

HEY DAWG, Can you believe what a dodo she is. She needs to straighten her ass out. By the way your toosh is looking very cute. How was your stay in the pet Hotel? Did you get lucky? I hope you had a fiesty time. I love reading all about your fun days in Southern Cali. Boy do I miss that place. We are soon to be getting a very cute female Bijon Frische. Maybe some day we can get you two to tail along together. Wouldnt that be interesting. Ever hear of a chi chi frische? OOOMMM sounds kinda strange but wuffy. Talk to you soon Rambo. Big licks to the family Auntie Berenda from peachy Georgia

Rambo said...

Did you say females??? I'm drooling. No, I did not get lucky at the Pets Hotel...I am still a virgin chihuahua...but a damn good looking one. I am hoping to get lucky soon. Maybe I can hook up with chi chi frische when you get her...he he he!

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