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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ram the Man is Back!

After a three week hiatus from my blog, I am back!! G-Mom and G-Pop are back from Europe and I am out of the slammer. I was two weeks in the slammer and didn't like it at all. The people there were nice but some of the other dawgs won't shut the heck up. Anyway, Dana came and got me four days early because I was not eating. G-Mom feeds me in the morning and she was not there, so.....but I am very happy to be home now. Sam the Ham didn't have to go in the slammer, I wonder why I did? And he's not even a good dog, go figure. He deserves more than a cage that's for sure. These are pictures taken in Europe of some cool looking Italian dawgs. There is only one chihuahua and his name in Belou. G-Mom met him in Florence and took a picture with him. He's good looking like me, right?

1 comment:

DANA said...

Awww little Belou is so cute!! Don't worry Rammie you are one million times cuter!! =). You should get out of the house and make some chihuahua friends!

Love always,


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