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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chow Time

Recipe for dinner.
1.. Put water and chicken in black metal thingy with handle. Turn on fire to medium. Don't touch!!
2. Watch it bubble.
3. Give the chicken a little flip over.
4. Watch this chicken turn brown. It's magic!
5. Remove from hot metal thingy. Slice it.
6. Dice it.
7. Toss gently with kibble.
Oh so YUMMY!
Muy Bueno!! Picked out all the good stuff. he he he. Get the leash. We have to GO right now, if you know what I mean.


Pedro said...


Hey cousin, I've missed you. Whatcha been up to? Do you get to eat like that every day? That looks awesome. I'm gonna have to get my mom to get our metal thingy out and make me some dinner like that! How's your G-mom feeling???


Rambo said...

Cousin- I missed you TOO!!
Thanks for asking about G-Mom. She is doing okay. Her CAT scan was good, her MRI was good, so now she has to have an Ultrasound on her thyroid, whatever that is. The human doctor told her she has a nodule??? on it. She went to the blood suckers and they took lots of blood out of her arm. Maybe she had a thyroid problem?? We'll see.
Yes, G-Mom is very nice to me. I get to eat chicken just about every night. Come on over and we'll share mine.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Rambo!
First of all I was about to ask about G-Mom and then I read your comment! Glad to know about her results. Lets see what her thyroid says!
Yummy dinner! I have to say that I am not able to leave any piece of kibble in my bowl!
Kisses and hugs

Katie and Gizmo said...

Rambo, I had chicken for dinner last night too. Isn't it just the yummiest?
I had rice and peas with mine tho. Yuk peas!

Gucci said...

Hi Rammy ;]

My Mom rarely uses those black metal thingies and she never has chicken for 'em cozzz she says she's vegetarian? Idk.

My Mom's Mom though...well, Imma link her to your bloggy and show her your pawesome chicken recipe thingy hehehe. :D :D


Jackson and Patrick said...

We get chicken like that too sometimes. We also pick out the good parts. Patrick always tries to steal it all!

Sharon said...

Hey Rambo! Yummie dinner- Dobby got chicken last night too, only I didn't use the black thing (it's extra yummie raw, believe it or not!) Ask for some canned pumpkin to go with it next time ;)

Thanks for the update on G-mom. She's still in our thoughts.

happy said...

Oh boy, that looks so yummy! Hehe I do the same too, picking out only the most yummy ones.

Have a great weekend!

JB's Big World said...

I do believe you two are quite spoiled! Though I do put in my request for grilled salmon lightly seasoned quite often myself!
Rambo, you crack me up. A cork? Then there REALLY would be a PooPoo explosion!
PooPoo has used the litter box now for almost two days, so we are hopeful. But she is still locked in the bathroom.
Have a great weekened, Det Rambo and MM!

Tuffy said...

Oh yummy Rambo! I would have picked the good stuff out too. hehe

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