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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What Kind of Animal is this??

My G-mom found this on the internet and I asked her to post it on my blog. What the hell is this? Is this some kind of animal? Should I pee on it? I have never seen anything like this in my life. I think it is pretty funny looking. I hope it doesn't live near me!!
Nothing exciting is going on in my life. I am practicing the things I have learned in obedience class. Last night I went for a walk with Sam. The walk ended too soon because Sam was being bad. I was just getting into all the smells around the neighborhood. Sam woke up the two mean dogs in the neighborhood. They wanted to attack us, but I was not scared because Sam is bigger than them. We walked by Goliath and I was scared because he is bigger than Sam. He did not want to eat us though. He is pretty nice for a big dog!


Rocco said...

Rambo, its a man who thinks he's sexy but obviously he must be legally blind. I'm sure glad he wasn't facing the other way that would really be horific. Don't pee on him you definetly wouldn't want to claim him as your territory.

Rambo said...

Okay, I won't. Thanks for the advice. Rambo

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