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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Something's stuck in my nose.

I was outside sniffing around today, as usual. I went into the planter in the corner of the yard because something smelled really good. I was very curious and I was sniffing extra hard when something went right up my right nostril. It scared the crap out of me!! I must have sneezed fifty times, snot was flying all over the place. I could not catch my breath. I ran out of the planter like a drunkin skunk, sneezing ferociously and trying to find my way back to the house. I was dazed and confused and my eyes were watering up. My G-mom saw me and picked me up and took me into the house. I think she was scared that I picked up something poisonous. She calmed me down and tried to look into my nose, eyes and mouth. She did not find anything, but my nose feels really odd. She took me into the planter to try and find the culprit....she found fox tails on the ground. OH NO!! Do I have one of those pincher things stuck up my nose?? To be continued.....

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