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Monday, February 5, 2007

Rambo and the Nice Dog

This is a picture of my neighbor. His name is Goliath and he is the nice dog on the street. When I walk by his house he does not even bark at me. He is very big, maybe 100 times bigger than me. I am afraid of him. Sometimes my G-mom and I walk up to his pen and I growl at him and try to bite him, but he doesn't do anything back. Sometimes I think he is dumb. He could eat a little thing like me, if he wanted to.
I threw up this morning. It was yellow stuff and it tasted nasty. My G-mom thinks that I don't feel good, but I think it was that thing I ate this morning that was in the grass. I have no idea what it was, but it tasted good. Sam was barking at me because he wanted to play with me. We were not allowed to play on the grass because there is stuff all over it. Maybe we could go play over at Goliath's house!! Please G-mom, Please??


Rocco said...

Rambo, just bite him hard in the back leg and run like hell. You'll be back in your yard before he even knows what hit him.

Rambo said...

I'm too scared. What if he can really run fast and catch me? Maybe I can jump on his back and ride him!

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