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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Back to Obedience Lessons

I went to my second obedience lesson today. Clover and Ginger were both there. Clover is a jack russel terrier and Ginger is a mutt. I am the only male dog there. Yippy!!!! I got there early and was walking around Petsmart when I spotted a German Shephard. I charged towards him but my leash held me back. I wanted to get him before he got me. Yeh, I know, I have a fear aggression problem, not "little dog" syndrome. I know I am a little guy...give me a break. The lesson was boring. The only interesting thing was the gas that Ginger kept passing. Must have been some bad kibble!! She also pooped and peed on the floor. What is wrong with her?? Doesn't she know to do that before she comes in the store? I am not very friendly. I have socialization problems, so Bill says. I hide under the chair and hope no one will see me. I think I have this problem because I spent nine days lost in the woods. I had to fend for my life. Maybe I will grow out of it, maybe not. I snapped at Ginger....I act like a bad boy.

1 comment:

Ron said...

Rambo keep trying you'll get the hang of the training as most males do.

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