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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Rambo Under the weather.

This is my G-mom. I love her!!
Today I watched football all day. Go Colts!!!! I have not been feeling very well. I have been very tired and sleeping alot. The medicine the vet gave me tastes like bubble gum and I don't like it. I spit it out sometimes, but most of the time my mom puts it in the back of my throat so I gag!! It also has an aftertaste and it gives me the diarrhea. But my G-mom says I must take it.
I went to Petsmart yesterday for my first obedience lesson. I don't really need it...I think I am a pretty good dog. I think my G-mom is afraid that I might run out the door if it is left open. That's how I got lost the last time. I was at a strangers house and a little girl was chasing me around, she was scaring me, so I ran towards the door. It was slightly open, so I bolted out and never looked back. I ran into the woods and was there for nine days before I was rescued.
Anyway, I will go to Petsmart and do my obedience lessons and make my G-mom happy.


Anonymous said...

Who's the stud in the background??

Ronnie Rocco said...

Rambo you better get the blow dryer out for G-mom it must be a bad air day.

Rambo said...

Hey, my G-Mom is pretty all the time. I don't care what her hair looks like as long as she keeps giving me the good food.

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