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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Something was coming. I could feel it in my belly. I felt a rumbling deep within the earth. Mother Nature was about to have a temper tantrum, and she's was taking it out on Chino Hills! My ears went up. The house started to shake. I heard loud bangs, things popping. I was swaying. (hey, I didn't drink any silly water!) Mother Nature was going crazy. IT WAS SCARY! Drawers opened. Books fell sideways. Lamps toppled. Vases met the floor. And perfume bottles fell.
this is what CalTech had to say: http://www.caltech.edu/
P.S. We were double tagged by Lorenza and Happy. We promise to play tag tomorrow when things settle down.


Chef said...

Hi Ram. First of all, I hope your Mama is ok. How did the cattyscamp go? Were you scared during the earthquake? You're so small I just hope you didn't go flying around the house! But I know you're a tuffie... you don't scare easily.


Poppy said...

I haven't felt an earthquake yet. I hope you weren't scared!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Rambo!
I heard about that earthquake!
Glad to see you all are ok!
How was the cat-scam??
Kisses and hugs

CoCo said...

Yikes, Earthquake...it must have been scary! We heard about it on the news! I'm glad that everyone is okay! Hold tight for any aftershocks! Great pics!


happy said...

Earthquake? That's scary. But so glad you are ok though. Be safe now.

Pedro said...


Whoa, you musta been so scared! My mom and I were thinking about you guys all night! Was that your first earthquake experience? Hope the aftershocks aren't making you nervous. I can't believe Chino Hills was the epicenter. Maybe you, MM and G-Mom should have some silly water today!



Woof, Rambo

We hope you and your pack are OK. We heard about the earthquake. We're glad we like in Arizona where the earth doesn't move, except when you drink too much Cheap Beer and eat too many Doggie Biscuits.

Woof, woof
Desert Pups

Tuffy said...

Yikes!!! I'm so glad you are okay and it didn't do worse damage.

Charlie Daniels said...

If it only knocked somethings over in your house then that is OK. Hope all is well ...



Jackson and Patrick said...

Hey Rambo - we sure did feel the Earthquake - although it was obviosly stronger near you. We're glad you guys seem to be pretty OK after it all. Here's to no more earthquakes!

Jemma said...

We're glad you guys are OK! Mom has a phobia for earthquakes and we live in an earthquake-prone area, so when she heard this on the news, she freaked out and got all paranoid.

It's weird how all the animals we know were moving during the earthquake - books seem to say our natural instincts are to "curl up" in a fetus position.


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