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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Exploding Head Zone

BEWARE! It's the exploding head zone.
G-Mom had a bad day yesterday. She had a really nasty headache and said she felt like her head wanted to explode. She said she wanted to throw up too. I have never felt like my head wanted to explode, but I have thrown up before and its a pretty yucky thing!
G-Mom, look at this dog. Maybe his head wants to explode too. So why don't you put one of these things on your head, maybe it will stop your head from exploding?
Midget Molly didn't have such a good day either. She way playing in the flowers and got stung by a bee. I know it hurt because she cried. Now she has a boo boo on her foot.


Tuffy said...

I hope G-Mom and Molly get better. Kiss Molly's booboo for her.

Charlie Daniels said...

G'day Rambo

Well you've got two ladies to care for ... lots of cuddles and licks!



Lorenza said...

Hi, Rambo!
Sounds like a bad day for G-Mom and Midget!
I hope they feel better now!
Take care

Chef said...

This was a most painful post! Hope everyone is feeling better now. ooo that bee bite is giving me the creeps.


KAY said...

Hope both of the pain go away!

Jackson and Patrick said...

We hope Molly and your G-Mum are feeling better!

Pedro said...

Poor G-mom and Midget Molly. My mom gets bad headaches too so she knows exactly how your G-mom felt yesterday, exactly. Ice packs do help and my mom has special medicine she takes when she gets a migraine. Midget Molly's foot looks like it hurts! Bee's are bad. Ziggy got stung once and his face blew up so he looked like a shar pei without wrinkles! Hope both the girls in your dawg house are feeling better today!
Cousin Pedro

JB's Big World said...

Oh no, this is terrible. I hope G-mom is feeling better now. And MM must not play with bees. My sister PooPoo did that once i heard, before I was born, and she ended up with a big swollen club foot!
Be careful.

happy said...

Oh poor G-Mom. Hope her headache is gone by now. Give her some healing licks there. Oh poor Molly too...hope her leg is better now.

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