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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sam the BIG Ham

Sam the Ham, I'm gonna get you...you mean, stinky, butt sniffing, bone stealing, house wrecker BIG HAM. You like to play with me and then you turn around and stab me in the back. What kind of dawg are you??? I thought you were my bro....Sam the Ham? SO THIS IS WHAT U GET FOR BEING SUCH A BIG HAM!!!! I bet my cousin Pedro wouldn't do that to me.


RR said...

Hahahaha! Rambo you showed the Ham who is the King in your house! I let Ziggy know sometimes too. He's bigger than me but I'm still the King.
Cousin Pedro!

Rambo said...

Chi's are the best. We are tuff stuff, right cuz. We don't take any crap and we don't mess around. You let Ziggy know who's the boss. What kind of dawg is Ziggy?

RR said...

Ziggy is a mutt. He don't have no papers. Ha! Humans are always asking what kind of dog he is cause they think he's real cute. Jeez, he's not cuter than me! Mom says he's 1/2 golden retriever with some shepard and maybe a touch of huskey.
Cousin Pedro

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