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Saturday, March 22, 2008

My Long Lost Cousin Pedro

Here's a picture of Pedro. Doesn't he look just like me!! He must be my cousin, he must. My first cousin. I wish I could meet my cousin and play outside with him, but he lives in New York and it's far away from California. But it would be so much fun. Pedro, come to California so we can play, PLEASE!!!!


RR said...

Happy Easter Rambo! I feel so famous now that my picture is on your blog. I definitely think we're cousins. I wish I could visit you in California! It is so cold here in New York. I love the warm sun. Yesterday and today have been pretty nice though and I've been catching some rays. I like what you said about cats. I live with three cats and they try to beat me up when my Mom isn't looking. They always get in trouble though cause I'm the King!!

RR said...

I forgot to sign my name but I'm sure you figured out that the comment was from your cousin Pedro :)

Cutie Judy said...


I can say from 1st hand knowledge that Padro is indeed your long lost relative of some sort!
Feisty doesn't even begin to describe him!!!

Rambo said...

Hola cousin Pedro and thanks for the comment on my blog. I love to catch the sun rays too. You know us chi's love to be warm. I don't like it when the sun cries and it is cold and wet. I shiver all day. So you live with three cats?? Is that hard to do dawg? I hear cats are trouble makers. But you are the King dawg so don't let them get to you. Stay the tuff chi you are!!
Cousin Rambo.

Rambo said...

Hey Pedro,
Cutie Judy said that you are a feisty chi too. You are definitely my cuz, for sure.
I wonder how many other cousins we have?

Mom said...


You and little Pedro are sooo cute!!! You both like to sun bathe and you are both fiesty!! You two couldn't be any cuter!

Love always,
You mom

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