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Friday, March 14, 2008

Playing with Doedette

I was having alot of fun this morning, playing with Doedette. Remember, Doedette is Doe Doe's friend. Doe Doe got old and I can't play with him anymore. White stuff is coming out of him, he may have a weird disease. I don't want to get too close anyway. Then I was thirsty and I drank alot of water. Water is good for the dawg, right? Did you happen to see Snoop Dogg on "The View"? I don't really like him but he says he has a clothing line for us dawgs! So I checked it out and he sells them on Amazon. I did not like any of the 7 items that were listed. Sorry Poop Dogg, don't like your crap.....ruf ruf ruf. SNOOP DOGG PET


Smartphone said...

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RR said...

Hi Rambo. How did you come up with the name Doedette? Does your G-mom call you any funny names? My mom calls me Tube and Thing and Peedee. Nice. I call her Waitress and Maid but she doesn't seem to understand me.

Rambo said...

Hey Pedro!
Is this my cousin Pedro from New York?? Waz happening?
I came up with the name Doedette because I had another toy called Doe Doe and it was a boy. He is retired from playing. This one is a girl so I call her Doedette. Yes, my mom calls me names too. She calls me topolino, which means "little mouse" in Italian. She also calls me Rammy which I think makes me sound tuff. I like Tube and Thing....they're neat.
You're funny Pedro. Keep in touch.
Your chi friend,

Rambo said...

I can't read your blog....it's in Spanish.
Rambo the chi.

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