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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dare Devil

How do you like my new shirt? It's really cool because it has "dare devil" on it and you know I am the dare devil chi. I am so tuff that I tried to jump over the block wall and get Sara, the crazy german shephard next door. I couldn't reach her but one of these days I will and she will be sorry. She barks and bark and barks all day and night and I want to bite her so she will SHUT UP!!


RR said...

Hey Rammy,
Cool shirt! I have a couple of sweaters but when my mom puts them on me I feel like I can't walk and she laughs at me all the time. I don't really like sweaters except when it's really, really cold. We've got these two dogs that live behind us that bark alot too. I just bark back at them to let them know I am the King. One of them is named Sky Boy. What kind of name is that???
Your cousin,

Rambo's Mom said...

Just wanted to say hi to little Pedro!! Kisses from California to the little man!!


Rambo said...

Sky Boy? What kind of name is that for sure? He sounds like a sissy dawg. He needs a tuff dawg name like Pedro or Rambo, the tuff chi's. Does Sky Boy get scared when you bark at him? I know all the dawgs around here are afraid of me.

RR said...

Oh hi Dana! Thank you for writing to me. High paw-5 to you!
Pedro the best looking Chi in NY

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