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Thursday, April 12, 2007

My New Class.....ruf..ruf.

Here are pictures of some of my classmates and Mr. Bill, our instructor. The first picture is Mr. Bill, posing for a picture. He thinks he's cool because he is the leader of the pack. There's me and Clover playing around. She's a cool dog and my friend. I snapped at her tonight but I really didn't mean it. Kinx, the Pit Bull, is a nice dog but I don't like her because she's bigger than me. The white fluffy dog is a stranger. I don't know it's name because it's not very friendly. It has not even tried to come over and play with me or Clover. It's kinda rude. Oh well. The little shitzu, Ginger, is very hot, but she doesn't pay attention to me either. Maybe she's shy because she' so small. I think I would like to play with her, if she would just give me a chance. The big dog is named Murphy and I don't like him either. He's too big for me. Everytime he comes around I try and bite him. He better stay away from me if he knows what's good for him. I did not take a poop in the store. I was a good dog.

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