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Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Class: The Good and the Bad

Mr. Bill said that I am unsociable. I am not unsociable. I am just afraid of the big dogs in my class. He said "Oh Rambo". Mr. Bill, can't you see me playing with the litte dogs Clover and Kody!! If anyone is unsociable it's Ginger. She just sits pretty and doesn't play with anyone.
Last night the big dogs were going crazy! Buddy kept trying to hump the pit bull and then Kye tried to hump Buddy. What a bunch of horny dogs. Murphy just sits there like he's on drugs. Kye doesn't shut up and Mr. Bill yells "wrong, Kye, wrong" but Kye doesn't listen.
Kody gave me a kiss, but that doesn't count because he's a boy. I like Clover because she is my best friend in class. She never kissed me. She is leaving for Enland in two weeks. Go ahead Clover, go live with the blimey english!! Heidi-ho.

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