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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Another One on the Loose!

There seems to be another alien on the loose. This one is uglier than the last one and has markings on its neck. It may be the markings of its Queen Alien and sign of ownership of its alien tribe. This one seems to be a little more people friendly than the last one since it is with a human lady that looks like a manequin. Let's hope this one is not as mean as the last one, it was whacked out and captured. I hope it went back to whatever planet it came from.
Do aliens talk like humans? Maybe one day I will find out if I ever meet one. If I do I hope it is nice. Sam acts like an alien sometimes. The other day he freaked out because it thundered and he ripped down the screen door and some plants and made a big mess. Sam the Ham I Am better knock it off before G-Mom sends him to the moon, for good!

1 comment:

Dana said...

Ram.. that is travis barker! he is not an alien he is a human... you know like G-mom and me. The only aliens that exist are britney spears and paris hilton.... now those are some weirdos!

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