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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Look! She Likes To Sunbathe Too!

You know how us chi's love the sun,right? So today, like every other sunny day, when G-Mom let me outside I layed on the warm brick pavers and stretched my arms and legs out and closed my eyes and started to daydream about a nice juicy steak when Midget Molly ran over the layed on the ground right next to me. What do you know? She actually stayed still for a minute, which is amazing. The only time this girl stays still is when she is sleeping. But now, I see she likes to sunbathe too! Wow, she is way cooler than I thought. Maybe she's not so chi-loony!


JB's Big World said...

Hey, you both like the sun just like we do at my house! But we lay in the sun inside....I get scared to go outside.

Pedro said...

I think the crazy little girl really likes you Rambo. You're being a good brother to her! I see your G-mom has chicken wire in the fence so Molly can't escape and other things can't get in to get you. Whew, that's a good thing :) I escaped under the fence once but now it's blocked with bricks.

Rambo said...

Cousin Pedro,
Did you get lost after you escaped under the fence?
Cousin Rambo

JB's Big World said...

Hi Rambo,
Funny, I was just at your blog to see what was new and you sent me your comment.
I did not pose for my picture I posted today. I am naturally photogenic! (JB's mom says, Jb is getting a little too big-headed!)

Jennifer said...

Hey, I just stumbled upon your website and its great! I have 2 chihuahuas myself, one is taquito ( the big 3 year old sister ) and one is Gob ( the almost 1 year old pestering brother ) . Taquito is a sweet, black shorthaired chihuahua and Gob is a cute yet annoying blond long hair chihuahua . I can send you pictures too if you want.

Rambo said...

you are so cute! If I were a cat I would ask you to be my sweetheart.

Rambo said...

yes...please send pictures of Taquito and Gob. I will post them on my blog.
Rambo the chi

jennifer said...

WHats your email, so i can send the pics?

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