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Sunday, May 18, 2008


The human baby was here last night.They call her Jade. G-Mom said she was "babysitting"...I think that means she pretends to be her Mom while her real Mom and Dad go out and have fun. Not sure. I'm still trying to get the hang of the human's lingo. Anyway, I still don't like it when she comes. She makes a big mess all over the house with her toys, she tries to chase me around the house and grab my tail, and G-Pop and G-Mom don't pay attention to me when she's here. They had to pay attention to Midget Molly though because she's still a baby too. (and she still poops in the house) Poor Ram gets the shaft. I should give then the tail like my friend JB does. I just have to figure out how.


JB's Big World said...

Oh my gosh! You had to give your mom and dad the tail too! hee hee

Lorenza said...

Hi, Rambo!
Human pups are fun... but just for a few minutes! I don't like when they come to my house either!
I hope you found something to entertain yourself!
Kisses and hugs

Nevis said...

Howdy, Rambo! :) How are you doing? Nice to meet you and Molly...

Pedro said...

Just try ignoring them for awhile. That's what I did to my mom last night when she got home from Texas. But I got tired of ignoring her so when she went to bed I snuck in and snuggled up next to her.
Cousin Pedro

Pedro said...

My mom wants to know how your G-mom is feeling. She's hoping better.

Chef said...

Hey Rambo. Glad to meet you.

xox Chef

Rambo said...

Hi Cousin Pedro.
G-Mom is still not feeling well. She's been sick for two weeks. She doesn't act like herself. I am trying to be a good boy and not cause her too much trouble. MM is a handful though! Still pooping all over the house. I guess I will have to teach her a few things!

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