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Monday, April 14, 2008

The Nerve!! Rff rff rff rff.

Can you believe the nerve? My Mom brought this girl chi into my dawg house. I did not like this dawg in my house. She did not stay long and I hope she never comes back. She was smelling my stuff and walking around like she was the king. She even chewed on my piggy twist. How rude!! I growled at her to let her know who is the boss of this dawg house. Ram is the king and don't forget it you little dawg. And don't touch my stuff. I think I might need the dawg psychiatrist.


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Spider63 said...

That is such a beautiful little dog! If you don't want it, send it to me!!

Pedro said...

Hey Rambo I don't blame you - I'd growl at her too. BUT she is sure cute. Maybe your Gmom is trying to find you a girlfriend? Kinda looks like she's robbing the cradle though. Is she coming back?

Cousin Pedro

Rambo's Mom said...

This is Rammies new friend, I am thinking about naming her Lily . . . what do you think cute girl names are for her?? G-mom like Cinderella!! Rammie just needs to warm up to her then they will be best of buds =)


Rambo said...

I never thought of her as a girlfriend. HMMMM. And she is rather cute. But isn't she too young for me? She's only a pup.
We weren't properly introduced. I was just mad that she was in my dawg house. I guess she'll come back if I am nice to her.

Rambo said...

yes she is kinda cute. I don't think my Mom wants to send her away. She hasn't gotten into any trouble yet, but you never know.

Pedro said...

How about Adriaaaaaaan!!!
Lily is really nice.
So is Lila!
My mom names every animal she sees. The stray cats in our neighborhood even have names - Molly, Patsy, Cowboy, Elvis, Big Boy, Linus...

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