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Thursday, April 10, 2008

I can almost walk like a human. Can you do this Cousin Pedro? Chi wa wa's rule!!! I am watching American Idol with G-Mom tonight? Do you watch it with your Mom? I like Animal Planet better, but I can't change the channel on the tv, so I get stuck watching the human shows. Oh well! I wish I had my own tv.


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Phil said...

This is absolutely the best blog ever.

Pedro said...

Oh yes we do watch American Idol. My mom has watched every season except the one with Fantasia. She loves Jason Castro. Leah says she wants to marry him! My mom can't carry a tune so she is very impressed with people who can sing good. She told me to tell you that the picture of you standing up is her favorite! I've never tried to do that but maybe I will. Thanks for visiting my blog. That guy Phil is right - this is definitely the best blog ever!!

Cousin Pedro

Rambo said...

Ruf, ruf, ruf.
Thanks Phil,
I try to keep it entertaining (for a dawg blog)
Rambo the chi.

PS. Check out my cousin Pedro's blog if you get a chance. It's listed in my favorites.

Rambo said...

G-Mom likes David Archuleta and she has watched every season except for the one with Reuben. My G-Mom can't carry a tune either, but she tries. She sounds like one of the coyotes out back on the hill!!
Try walking like a human. It's fun.

Pedro said...

Yeah David Archuleta is awesome. My mom downloaded his version of "Imagine". He's real good - I like him too.
Cousin Pedro

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