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Friday, June 6, 2008

Nutty Family Invasion

Guess who's back? Nutty the squirrel and he brought his entire family. There's Nutty, his wife and four babies. They have been hanging around our yard wreaking havoc on all of G-Mom's plants. She wanted to kill Nutty and his family with the pellet gun, but she couldn't do it. She just couldn't pull the trigger and "pop" them. So, G-Mom went to the store and bought a large animal trap. She put sunflower seeds in a dish and put it in the trap and the squirrels walked right in. First she caught Mrs. Nutty and one baby, then she caught two more babies, and then the last baby. Nutty himself is missing. Or maybe he's just too smart to walk into a trap. This is me and Midget Molly checking out the trap. Did you know that squirrels stink really bad? PU!


Sarah K. said...

Where is she going to take them?

Pedro said...


My mom would probably name each squirrel and turn them in to pets. She's crazy that way! Libby caught a squirrel once when she had 4 legs!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Rambo!
What are you going to do with them?
Do you think Nutty is coming to save his family?
Kisses and hugs

The Airechicks said...

Oh my - are they okay ? Are they in the witness relocation program...And where is the no good layabout Nutty ????

Good luck - hope you can relocate them maybe to a big park or something......


KAY said...

Thats very nice of your mom.
So is she's going to let them free miles away?

Rambo said...

G-Mom took the squirrels down the street and let them go. She said they ran like "a bat out of hell" whatever that means.

Rambo said...

Yes, Lorenza. Nutty came to save his family, but ended up in the trap. G-Pop drove him down the street and let him go where the other squirrels are. I hope he finds his family.

JB's Big World said...

Oh my gosh, you are having critter problems at your house too! I posted about another animal problem at my house in my Big World blog yesterday. Why can't all animals be no trouble, like me and my sisters and you and MM? We are all so so good, aren't we?

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