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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Nutty and Frankie

Nutty has been hanging around again, and he's sittting on top of the block wall again waiting for sunflower seeds to fall on the ground. He's a sneaky little thing, and runs up and down the block wall collecting food when he thinks no one is looking. But I see u Nutty....so fatten up cause one of these days I'm gonna have you for lunch.
I found a new critter in the planter and his name is Frankie. He is a frog and I found him sneaking around under the new flowers in the planter. I don't know what is wrong with these guys? Why are they so sneaky? Maybe they are afraid of me, hehehehehehehehehe.
You won't believe what happened!! Last night G-Mom and G-Pop and I were in Pasadena and I spotted a big dawg on the sidewalk and I bolted right after him. I got out of my harness and was running FREE. No leash, no harness, nothing. It was so cool to be running FREE. G-Mom started to chase me and I got scared, so I stopped and just sat there. Then I ran back to her and she picked me up. She was happy so I guess I did the right thing, but let me tell you I was tempted to just keep on running. I think all humans should know what it feels like to have a collar and a leash and then they would understand why it felt so good to be FREE!!!

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