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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday and I am two years old. G-Pop brought me a triple whopper from Burger King and I ate half of it. It was sooooooo yummy, but it hurt my tummy. G-Mom made me a gay birthday hat with a number "2" on it and baked lemon cupcakes for me. Dana and Erik came over to my house and there was a big candle with fire on top and they all sang a song especially for me. Happy Birthday to Rambo. I was the center of attention, once again. I luv it!!
It is also one year ago today when G-Pop and G-Mom rescued me. Last year I was in New Jersey and got lost for nine days. They caught me in a raccoon trap with a Burger King triple whopper. (that's why I got one for dinner) Sam got one too!
Happy Birthday to Me!


Dana said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAMMIE!! Hope you had a good day being pampered like usual! You looked so cute with your little b-day hat on. See you later dude!

Love always,


Brady Bunch said...

Happy Birthday Rambo!!! You are the cutest dog living on this earth. Love the cupcake and the double whopper yum yum! Whenever you want to visit cousins in Peachy Georgia you are welcome. We have a really cute Maltese female who is as fiesty as you. But make it quick she is moving in a month. Her name is Scarlett. We love you the Brady Bunch.

Rambo said...

Scarlet...what a beautiful name. So she is feisty like me, eh? I will have my paws full with her, eh? I think I would like to meet this seductive Scarlet doggie, okay? Is she as cute as ChaCha.....white and fluffy and luscious?

Ram, King Dog

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