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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

a Talking Tiger????

Did you hear about the talking tiger?? G-Mom told us! Well, not really, but we overheard her telling G-Pop that she saw a talking tiger on the tv. OMD!! I swear, I heard it with my little pointed ears. She said there was a talking tiger on the television giving some kind of speech! And then guess what else she said?? She said the tiger was really a pig!! What the heck??
"Did you hear that Midget. A tiger, that's really a pig, talking on the TV?" "Rambo, I thought you were smarter than that. Think about it. A tiger, that's really a pig, TALKING on the toob. Are you sure G-Mom wasn't drinking that silly water again?" Midget said. "Or maybe you sipped the silly water?" she asked.
I needed to find out the truth. So I have been listening for more clues, hanging around the tv just in case the talking pig returns. This is what I found!
Does this tiger look like a pig to you???


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


Happy Year of the Striped Khat!

PeeEssWoo: No more Gatorade in his bowl!

Lorenza said...

Hmmm... My mom loves Tiger. She knows what he did is very bad but she just wants to see him playing again.
Kisses and hugs

超好笑 said...


Rambo said...

hello friends,
someone sent me a secret coded message. (see above) does any dawg out there know the password, cause I sure don't. hmmmm.

Pedro said...

Some say that Tiger truly is a Pig! My mom saw that Tiger talk and talk and talk...


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