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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wedding Week.

We are finally back to normal at our dawg house! It was like Grand Central Station around here last week. Let me tell you a little about it. One Wednesday, Aunt Brenda and cousin Natalie from Georgia and Grandma Dee Dee from New Jersey arrived at our dawg house. We luuuuvvvv cousin Natalie, cause she loves dawgs. She took care of us while G-Mom was busy getting ready for the wedding. She wants to be a doggie doctor when she grows up into a big human. Me and the Midget think she would make a great doctor. Dr. Natalie.
On Thursday Grandmom Joan and Pop Baker came from Florida. They got lost coming from the airport and they had GPS!! They were lost for four hours! Silly humans. There was a wedding rehearsal and a wedding rehearsal dinner! G-Mom drove all over like a maniac buying food and cakes and cookies, then we all went in the car to Pasadena where the rehearsals were. G-Mom missed the wedding rehearsal cause there were too many cars on the road. She was shouting some bad words *!#@* to the other cars, but I don't think they heard her. Anyway, I thought she would have a panic attack, but she took some kava and it calmed her down. Me and the Midget had to stay in the bedroom while the humans had fun eating and drinking and laughing. NOT FAIR! Chihuahua's know how to party too!
Friday was the big day. Everything went well and the humans had a great time. Me and the Midget had to stay home and our neighbor took care of us. We tried to bite her.....don't tell anyone.
Here are some wedding photos:
Cousin Natalie and my Mom.
G-Mom and Mom.
The bridal party getting into a gigantic car.
The happy couples first dance. Ronnie & Julieann.
More dancing.
Grandma Dee and the DJ. Hey. Grandma Dee Dee's married Mr. DJ!
Having fun.
The bride and her Dad, Don. It's past his bedtime.
The grooms friend Pavin, brother of the groom Steve, the groom and friend Scott.
Grandparents of the Groom, Joan and Frank. Ronnie & Julieann.
Our G-Mom and G-Pop.
G-Mom and G-Pop and their friends.
G-Pop and the Bride.
Groom and Aunt Brenda from Georgia.
More Partying!
On Saturday, G-Mom had the entire family over for breakfast. She made blueberry pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, bagels and cream cheese. We didn't get one crumb! I'm beginning to think we are getting ignored here. On Saturday night, G-Mom and G-Pop went out to dinner with Uncle Dan (G-Pop's brother) and Aunt Helene from New Jersey, and Lisa (G-Pop's niece) and Steve from California.
See what happens when you have too much silly water! Who are these girls???? Someone's in trouble when they get home. he he he.
On Sunday the dawg house was full again with more visitors from New Jersey. There was coffee and soda and coconut cake, chocolate chip cookies, peach praline pie and fruit. Again we were forgotten and didn't get a crumb. Can we sue for being ignored?? Where's the doggie lawyer??
Everyone has gone home now and our dawg house is back to normal! Whew! I was beginning to think they were moving in! We can now resume our pampered, spoiled, catered lives, which we like much better!


Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Welcome back, Rambo.
The wedding was very lovely, fun filled pawty. Your mom are beautiful!
I didn't see any pictures of yours. Yeah, file a complaint right now, I' ll bark with you!

Anonymous said...

Rambo and Midget Molly, We had such a blast spending time with you. You sure are cute dawgs!!!! Natalie was depressed when she got back to Georgia, she cried. She wants to move there so you can spend lots of time with both of you. That would be so fun!!!!! You sure are good little dawgs. We hope to see you both very soon. Love, Natalie and Aunt Brenda P.S. Thanks for the pictures of humans on silly water. They are tooooo funny. One of the girls looks like Anna Nicole Smith. She is very pretty!!!!!!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Rambo!
Thanks for sharing all those pictures of the wedding! Looks like everyone had fun!
Glad everything went well!
I am sure you and Molly will get all the attention now!
Kisses and hugs

Katie and Gizmo said...

Poor Rambo and Molly, at least your house is back to normal now.
Thanks for sharing with us the wedding pictures. The bride looked just beautiful in her white dress.

Anyways glad to see that you're back. We missed you!


Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Thanks for the barkday wish, it meant a lot to me, my precious pal.

Gucci said...


Everyone looks so pretty and handsome in those pictures, I bet it was a pawesome super fun time!

I'm so glad you're back!!


Anonymous said...

You and Midget are the cutest things i have ever seen!!!! I hope i will get to see you guys soon again!!!

Love you both!!


Anonymous said...

Sure looks like you were havin a goooooood time with them two blondes! But, you know they can never take the place of your awesome G-mom. She is da bomb!!!
Boy she was lookin hot at the weddin. Love and miss you,

Brenda and Nat Nat

happy said...

Hi Rambo, that sounds like a busy time there! What a lovely wedding and great party! Sorry that you were neglected there. Yes, you should go ahead and sue hehe...

JB's Big World said...

Hi Rambo! I am glad your dawg house is back to normal. That looks like it was a wonderful wedding. So much fun, but I think that your family would have had more fun if you were there too! And MM! Did you get a hold of that lawyer yet?


Woof, Rambo

Yeah, where are you when all of the fun was going on? We were expecting to see you in a tuxedo and everything.
Great photos, looks like everyone had a really good time. Tell the bride and groom to have a happy, healthy life together, full of love and lots and lots of dogs.

Desert Pups

The Aphasia Decoder.... said...

Looks like your humans had a good time at the wedding. You have a pretty mom and G-mom.


Tuffy said...

Beautiful wedding Rambo! It is good to see what your pretty mom and g-mom look like!

CoCo said...

Oh my your house was busy! Too bad you didn't get any piece of that big breakfast on Saturday morning!


Pedro said...


You sure had alot of activity going on in your dawg house! Did you have to bite anyone? Your G-mom takes really pretty pictures. Such nice pictures of her and your mom, and the one of G-mom and G-Pop is really nice too! The wedding looked like it was so much fun!


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